CLIF - History

Results for year 2017

Results for year 2016

  • Two production releases (2.3.1 and 2.3.3) issued
  • Java compliance upgraded to 1.7
  • Code base clean-up with a lot of dead code removal
  • CLIF core:
    • New "shared code server" mode enabling for multiple, independent, simultaneous test deployments sharing a common code server (automatically launched by the CLIF registry)
    • Some fixes and improvements of the command line interface, including a new feature for waiting for the registry to be ready
    • Important bug fix with regard to global state management, which solved a deadlock threat in test plans with several load injectors and/or probes
    • Fixed problem with multi-lines results in action reports file
    • Completion of the embedded smart network configuration utility
  • Eclipse GUI: miscellaneous fixes and improvements, including management of new clif.opts file
  • Swing GUI: fixes and improvements in the embedded reporting tool
  • Full revision and upgrade of the CLIF plug-in for Jenkins:
    • full upgrade with regard to Jenkins server
    • no longer based on CLIF's ant-based interface but on the new shell/batch script interface
    • full revision of parameters and management of ProActive or legacy versions of CLIF
    • some improvements and fixes in the report generator
  • ISAC plug-ins:
    • new SvnInjector for load testing an SVN repository
    • new GitInjector for load testing a GIT repository
    • new FileHandler plug-in bringing miscellaneous file-related facilities
    • full revision and upgrade of the LdapInjector
    • HttpInjector enhancements with regard to cookie management and response codes management
    • Fixed primitives wasNotified and wasNotifiedN in commons' Synchro plug-in
    • New not_test_and_test condition in Counter plug-in
  • Now the mavenization branch produces full-fledged ProActive CLIF distributions: CLIF server, Swing GUI, plug-in for Jenkins
    • Merged with all CLIF's trunk evolutions listed above
    • Includes a prototype feature for deploying CLIF test plans, and possibly distributed applications under test, using a ProActive Workflows and Scheduling platform
  • Communication at OW2's annual conference: Automating Performance Testing over the Cloud with CLIF and ProActive Workflows & Scheduling
    (see the presentation video and the slides)

Results for year 2015

  • Development of a new command line tool based on a plain shell/batch script instead of Apache ant, introducing a new configuration file management enabling sharing a CLIF runtime among an arbitrary number of test projects with different configurations.
  • Development of a new configuration facility to transparently choose the right network addresses for the CLIF infrastructure.
  • ISAC plug-ins:
    • Enhanced "deep load" feature in HttpInjector: now includes CSS and JS, and gives the choice of what kind of element to load.
    • New primitives for FileReader, enabling loading files and clearing contents
    • New TcpInjector, an enriched version of the SocketInjector
  • Progress on the mavenization branch:
    • creation of artifact clif-api, containing API definitions moved from clif-core;
    • Decision and actions to make the ProActive branch the reference for the maven build chain;
    • Prepare for moving the CLIF plug-in for Jenkins to the Jenkins project official repository;
    • Merge with trunk to get all new features and further reorganization.
  • CLIF in a container: successful experiments to deploy CLIF nodes and ProActive CLIF nodes as Docker containers.
  • Communication:
    • talk at OW2 conference about using CLIF for testing Orange's Forge based on Tuleap ALM
      (see the presentation video and slides)
    • talk at Paris Open Source Summit about CLIF as a Service for performance testing in continuous integration over OpenStack

Results for year 2014

  • New production version 2.2.1, with binary distributions for MacOSX, Windows and Linux
    • the system probes implementation, based on the LeWYS project, has been fully replaced with a brand new implementation based on the SIGAR open source project. This change is absolutely transparent to CLIF users, who are still able to use their existing test plans with CPU, memory, disk and network probes, but now covering many more OS and architectures (refer to SIGAR documentation from Hyperic support)
    • further efforts to improve user experience with the main (Eclipse-based) CLIF console, including contextual help in the test plan editor, streamlined error reporting and an important patch solving a big instability problem
    • new command-line facilities to get help with probe parameters
    • first release of the embedded performance analysis and reporting tool
    • introducing .bat scripts for Windows to be used as a replacement to some commands of the ant-based command-line interface (to be extended and generalized)
    • work on ISAC plug-ins: improved CommandLineInjector, Counter and FileWriter plug-ins
  • Work on the Jenkins plug-in: fixed error rate in performance reports and improved properties management for ProActive CLIF
  • From a source code maintenance perspective:
    • maintenance of the ProActive branch
    • progress on the mavenization branch (still not fully functional)
  • Resulting from our involvement in the OpenCloudware collaborative project, a CLIF-as-a-Service architecture was built and demonstrated to automate performance testing, possibly in a continuous integration process. CLIFaaS includes the deployment and configuration of the distributed load injection system, and possibly the deployment and configuration of the distributed application under test.
    See the presentation slides SlideShare and the demonstration video.

Results for year 2013

  • production version 2.1.1 was released at the beginning of the year, with binary distributions for MacOSX, Windows and Linux
  • work on ISAC plug-ins:
    • added new features to plug-ins Common, Counter and HttpInjector
    • new FileWriter plug-in to write arbitrary contents to arbitrary files during test execution
  • minor fixes and improvements on CLIF core, mostly on the "quick statistical reports"
  • miscellaneous fixes and improvements to the CLIF plug-in for Jenkins
  • from a source code maintenance perspective:
    • maintenance of the ProActive branch
    • creation of a "mavenization" branch dedicated to a full reorganization of the code base to support a maven-based build process (to be completed)
  • communication on "CLIF meets Jenkins" at OW2con'2013, dealing with the benefits of using CLIF with a continuous integration server
  • real-scale test-bed of CLIF as a Service on a community cloud (injecting traffic from 20 PCs of coworkers distributed through a whole country)

Results for year 2012

  • enhancement of the CLIF plug-in for Jenkins continuous integration server
    • wizard for importing a full CLIF test project with a single click!
    • improved automatic reporting
  • brand new, full-fledged, DNS load injector, including DNSSEC support and a dedicated data set provider
  • new "Quick Stats" feature: per-request type statistics, aggregated through all load injectors, generated as a single CSV-formatted file once measures are collected
  • debug and improvement of the interactive analysis and reporting tool
  • new SelfBench tool box: controller components providing smart benchmarking features (for advanced users)
    • automatic saturation detection (SaturationController) according to threshold policies on response times or resource usage
    • self-driven load injection (InjectionController) according to a queuing model-based regulation algorithm
  • further work on the SVN branch based on the ProActive middleware, applied to community cloud-based load testing with CLIF. This work was carried out by Orange Labs (CLIF project) and ActiveEon (ProActive project), and was presented at OW2's Annual Conference in November.
    OW2con 2013 award
    This work won the Special Prize from OW2's Technical Committee. See the Community CLIF presentation
  • background research work: CLIF execution on cloud computing/virtualized infrastructures, PhD on self-optimization (in French) with CLIF+SelfBench

Results for year 2011

  • beta version of the new interactive analysis and reporting tool available from the SVN trunk
  • new production release 2.0.7, coming with:
    • extended Synchro ISAC plug-in for synchronization between distributed test scenarios
    • optimized and enhanced deployment to support large scale test plans: more than 1000 distributed load injectors (with an average deployment time of 100ms per load injector), support for partial deployment, deployment time-out
  • new development branch based on the ProActive middleware to bypass some networking issues (routing, firewalls...) and provide CLIF as a service on a community cloud
  • technical talk about an SOA use case of CLIF at OW2's annual conference, 24th November 2011 in Paris
  • background research work: CLIF execution on cloud computing/virtualized infrastructures, self-regulated load injection

Results for year 2010

  • three stable releases of CLIFv2.0 (2.0.5 the latest)
  • started full refactoring of the embedded reporting tool
  • CLIF plug-in for Hudson continuous integration server
  • CLIF plug-in for maven2
  • brand new tutorial, given at OW2 conference in November, and published in the documentation page

Results for year 2009

  • official launch of CLIFv2.0 beta
  • new wizards for the Eclipse console: new CLIF test project, new HTTP capture with MaxQ, new test report...
  • new ISAC plug-ins: synchronization, command line injector, FTP injector
  • usability improvements and full documentation revision, with new manuals
  • compilation chain extension to support multiple processor architectures for each operating system

Results for year 2008

  • extension of analysis tools... NOT COMPLETED
  • integration with Salome-TMF for test automation... DELAYED
  • JMS injector (Isac plug-in)... AVAILABLE
  • updated SIP injector and new RTP injector (Isac plug-ins)... DONE

Results for year 2007

  • interactive analysis tool for the Java-Swing Console
  • bridge towards Eclipse BIRT project for test analysis and report generation
  • JDBC injector (Isac plug-in)
  • LDAP injector (Isac plug-in)
  • UDP injector (Isac plug-in)
  • ISAC plug-ins providing utilies such as: extracting values, getting local IP addresses, generating random values, aggregating response times, etc.
  • CLIF and ISAC tutorial

Results for year 2006

  • optimization and extension of ISAC scenario execution engine... DONE
  • HTTP capture tool, replay with ISAC... DONE
  • new CLIF console provided as an Eclipse plug-in... DONE
  • support for batch mode execution of tests... DONE
  • new probes for JVM, network, disks... DONE
  • system (cpu, memory, disk, network) probes available for MacOS.X... DONE
  • Eclipse GUI and plug-ins... DONE
  • Eclipse wizards for generating ISAC plug-ins... DONE
  • presentation at ObjectWebCon 2006 [ODP][PDF]

May 2005

  • creation of ISAC, an extensible environment for defining and executing load testing scenarios (GUI, execution engine, plug-ins for HTTP, DNS)

February 2004

  • version 0.2 alpha available
  • web site update in conformance to ObjectWeb style

September 2003

version 0.1 alpha available

February 2003

Official project start, opening of the CLIF source forge/CVS site

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