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Project Team

see the CLIF's list of registered users in the Forge


  • Emmanuel Cecchet and Julie Marguerite (INRIA) for bringing JMOB project and RUBiS benchmark background
  • Pascal Déchamboux and Guy Vachet (Orange Labs) for architecture and experience discussions
  • Guy Vachet and Xavier Spengler for statistic library
  • initial developers Julien Buret (INRIA) and Nicolas Droze
  • initial ISAC developers Augustin Peyrard and Jean-Christophe Meillaud
  • Eclipse GUI and plug-ins by Joan Chaumont, based on preliminary work by Manuel Azema and Miaina Andrianavonimiarina (Paris VI University)
  • new ISAC execution engine by Emmanuel Varoquaux (ENSIMAG)
  • contribution to MaxQ project for ISAC scenario output format by Olivier Lecrivain and François Vinassac (Paris VI University)
  • preliminary version of ISAC SIPInjector plug-in by Fabien Barreca and Iassen Vassilev (Paris VI University)
  • ISAC plug-in creation wizard by Fabrice Rivart
  • MacOS.X system probes by Jeremy Philippe (INRIA)
  • reporting and analysis tools by Jordan Brunier, Grégory Calonnier, Olivier Liu, Tomas Perez-Segovia, Colette Vincent
  • new SIP injector and RTP injector by Rémi Druilhe
  • usability improvements of the Eclipse console and ISAC editor, and documentation revision by Florian Francheteau and Anthonin Bonnefoy
  • IMAP injector and support for 64 bits architectures of the Linux Eclipse console provided by Mark Sechrest
  • some icons and the CLIF v2 logo contributed by Dominique Bouchot
  • CLIF plug-in for Hudson/Jenkins continuous integration server developed by Julien Coste and Thierry Henrio
  • CLIF plug-in for Maven2 developed by Julien Coste
  • DNS injector plug-in and associated data provider plug-in contributed by Philippe Lemordant
  • design and contributions on CLIF for clouds by Noël de Palma and Alain Tchana (UJF)
  • Maven build chain by Vincent Rossignol and Bruno Dillenseger
  • TcpInjector contributed by Cédric Deffo Sikounmo
  • Automated test deployment based on ProActive Workflows & Scheduling developed by Laurent Pellegrino (ActiveEon SAS)
  • global design, project lead and supervision, maintenance and other contributions by Bruno Dillenseger

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