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User guides

Examples and Quick Tour tutorial

  • A Quick Tour with the tutorial given at 2010 OW2 Annual Conference:
  • Sample CLIF test plans and associated ISAC scenarios are available in this zip file:

    You may just unzip this file to get the test plan and scenario files, or, when using the Eclipse-based console, you may import the zip file as an Eclipse project archive file (File>Import...>General>Existing Projects into Workspace>Select archive file).
    In the latter case, you directly get a CLIF test project including all the test plans and scenarios.

Advanced users and developers documentation

A Fractal component-based architecture

To provide a flexible architecture, CLIF makes use of the Fractal component model. For example, load injectors and probes are components that can be defined, plugged in and (un-/re-)deployed at runtime. Thanks to the Fractal model, customizing CLIF does not require to know details about the whole framework, but only about a well-defined, reduced number of client and server interfaces.

Related papers, presentations and reports

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